Changing Business Payments
We provide digital accounts and debit cards to businesses,
helping them change the way they pay and get paid.
Sterling and Euro Accounts
Make and receive sterling and euro bank transfers
Get your own sort code/account number and IBAN so customers can pay you and you can pay staff/suppliers across Europe and the UK.
Multiple accounts in each currency
Instantly open more euro and sterling accounts as required, each with dedicated account details. Use these to ring fence and manage funds for various purposes.
Realtime FX - 24x7
Hold funds in each currency, or transfer between currencies instantly at great rates.
Instant notifications with the firework mobile application
Security and control in your pocket
Check your accounts and payments wherever you are. Use the app to approve new payees and API payments.
Be informed about activity on your account
Instant push notifications alert you to activity on your account - from that payment you were waiting for, to activity on your staff debit cards.
MasterCard® debit cards for all your employees
Dual-currency by default
Avoid surprise FX fees on card payments - the debit card is linked to your choice of accounts, so you pay from your sterling balance in the UK and your euro balance in Europe.
Manage your staff expenses
Issue debit cards to your staff, each linked to your choice of accounts. Receive instant notifications when the card is used, and block or unblock the cards any time in the firework mobile app. business API - List Accounts
$ curl \
  -X GET \ 
  -H "Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN" 

  "accounts": [{
    "ican": 1951,
    "name": "Main Account",
    "currency": {
      "description": "Euro",
      "code": "EUR"
    "balance": 434050,
    "ciban": "IE54CPAY99119911111111",
    "cbic": "CPAYIE2D",
    "cnsc": "991199",
    "ccan": "11111111",
    "defaultAccount": true,
    "status": {
      "type": "LIVE",
      "description": "Live"
Integrating to your account
Powerful API
Integrate your own systems into your account using the business API. Expose your accounts, cards and payments to your CRM, enhance security by using Dual Authorisation to verify payments, get notified in real-time of incoming lodgements or automate your payment flows with ease.
Works with your online accounting package
Download account statements in industry standard OFX format for importing into Xero, FreeAgent, Quickbooks, Sage One etc.
Open a business account
When you open a business account online, you are accessing a new and innovative way to manage your accounts and payments.
Via our online application, you can upload the necessary documentation which we will review quickly. We will let you know when it’s all set up so you can start accepting and making payments.
We make it easy for businesses to open digital accounts.
The people behind is led by Colm Lyon – one of Europe’s leading fintech and payments entrepreneurs. Colm started to help transform banking services by creating digital accounts that are integrated, easy and safe. The team at is passionate about delivering a compelling customer experience.
Colm is joined on the senior leadership team by Owen O Byrne (Product) and Paul Davey (Finance/Operations) who have years of experience in payments and scaling businesses.
Fire Financial Services Limited – trading as and Fire – is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.